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05 May 2015

About Axel:

Axel is from East German lines and we've had him since he was 7 weeks old. He was very healthly until after his 2 yr rabies shot in which shortly after came down with ear infections itchy and full of yeast! We did everything, tried everything the vets recommended. Finally after months of drugs and the best grain free food money could buy, he was getting worse not better! Out of frustration I took some chicken breast out of the freezer thawed them an fed them raw to him. I was Surprised he ate them and and didn't get sick so I researched all I could and within lees then two weeks he was free of yeast, his ears cleared and his energy was back. It took another month to get his beautiful coat back. We joined a raw food co-op and will never go back. He gets a variety of raw meat, organs, liver and a few raw eggs weekly the only supplement is salmon oil a few days a week and coconut oil on opposite days,as well as, organic apple cider vinegar on his food daily.Axel is lean and tall for a Sheperd but so were his parents. he is well balanced great with Children and smart. Axel runs 3-5 miles several days a week and goes for long walks on opposite days. he still is full of energy. Axels weekly treats are chicken and turkey feet. We stopped all shots at 2 yrs of age except our states required 3 yr rabies shot. His teeth are beautiful and he hasn't had any fleas and in 6.5 years only two ticks! We do not use any flea or heartworm meds on him either. He always test neg. for heartworm. We spend our summers in the woods and Great Lakes here in MI with no problems. I truly believe it's because of his healthy immune system due to the raw diet.




Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional and the advices I provide are based on 18 years of private research and personal experience with raw feeding and different natural remedies for keeping dogs cancer free. I always recommend seeing a professional veterinarian (preferable a holistic) if you suspect any health issues with your pet. 

I lost a dog to cancer and I was determined to never let that happen again, which is why I share this information. Too many pets die from cancer and I know it can be prevented in most cases and many lives can be saved.

All I want in return is your story. I'm building an archive of success stories that will hopefully show other pet owners that there is a natural approach to beating and preventing cancer.

If you decide to follow what I suggest, you do this entirely at your own risk.




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Over the last 18 years, I have helped pet owners make the switch to raw food and I’ve helped owners that have pets with cancer to beat the disease using a natural method.

I have built up a reputation and the sheer number of owners that need help has become overwhelming. I'm doing this alone and I'm spending every free minute of my free time helping pets so they can live long, healthy lives; that's my life mission.

Sadly, I have to limit the ones I help. It breaks my heart to do so because I know what a horrible feeling it is to have a pet with cancer – I have been there. I am only able to help the ones that take part in my research project. My research and the documentation of the benefits of raw feeding, plus the many stories about how alternative natural cancer treatments and prevention

If you need help with a pet that has cancer or want to participate in my raw feeding project, please go here.

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Name Axel
Born January 1 2008
Breed German Shepherd
Weight 125 lbs
Raw feeding type Prey Model Raw
Age started on raw 2 years
Owner Patricia
Live Monroe, MI, USA