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24 Jan 2015

About Hunter

Hunter has had issues with commercial dog food his entire life. I had to be taking off puppy food at a very young age. He wasn't property digesting his food resulting in him taking many midnight bathroom breaks for a long time.
We believed it to be a grain allergy so we started him on core wellness which seemed to help but still had rather loose stool at times.
We then moved to an area that didn't have this brand of food and we would drive to the city to pick up as many bags of food as humanly possible to bring back. He would finish a 26lbs bag in around 10 days. With the bags costing around 85$ each, this grow to be a very expensive habit. Not to mention the 2.5hr drive to the city every month. After trying 2 or 3 different brands and adding enzymes to his feeds to firm up his stool, we switched him to a brand we could get locally and was made only hrs from where we live. It is very high in whole grains and low in fat (which also was a factor in his loose stools and frequent deification). His coat started to become very dull and was loosing large quantities of it since October 2014. He had developed a limp in his rear left leg after a vigorous fetch session in August 2014 that has not healed and appears to be getting worse. We have supplemented him with human grade liquid glucosamine for the last 12 months but seems to do only go so far in his recovery. He has lost significant muscle mass in his backend and appears very bony, and is very cautious of anyone touching his hips.
This past year his health seems to be heading for the worse at the tender age of 5.
I've done hrs of research about raw diets for the pass year and we have finally taking the leap. We started the prey model diet January 14th of 2015 and are hoping we can help Hunter regain muscle, repair his injury, and restore his coat/teeth/ears to their health state from years prior.
I feel awful for putting hunters health at risk with my ignorance and am now dedicated to doing what is absolutely best for him. With no help from vets, being hold "his breed only lives for 6 or 7 years" and being offered medication to help ease his pain. Hunter is still very much young at heart and appears in no way at the end of his life (besides his appearance)




Disclaimer: I'm not a medical professional and the advices I provide are based on 18 years of private research and personal experience with raw feeding and different natural remedies for keeping dogs cancer free. I always recommend seeing a professional veterinarian (preferable a holistic) if you suspect any health issues with your pet. 

I lost a dog to cancer and I was determined to never let that happen again, which is why I share this information. Too many pets die from cancer and I know it can be prevented in most cases and many lives can be saved.

All I want in return is your story. I'm building an archive of success stories that will hopefully show other pet owners that there is a natural approach to beating and preventing cancer.

If you decide to follow what I suggest, you do this entirely at your own risk.




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Over the last 18 years, I have helped pet owners make the switch to raw food and I’ve helped owners that have pets with cancer to beat the disease using a natural method.

I have built up a reputation and the sheer number of owners that need help has become overwhelming. I'm doing this alone and I'm spending every free minute of my free time helping pets so they can live long, healthy lives; that's my life mission.

Sadly, I have to limit the ones I help. It breaks my heart to do so because I know what a horrible feeling it is to have a pet with cancer – I have been there. I am only able to help the ones that take part in my research project. My research and the documentation of the benefits of raw feeding, plus the many stories about how alternative natural cancer treatments and prevention

If you need help with a pet that has cancer or want to participate in my raw feeding project, please go here.

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Please share and support these important projects. I'm doing this study and helping pets with cancer all out of my own pocket. Any contribution is appreciated greatly. We are now a Nonprofit 501c3 organization so your contribution is tax deductable. 



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Name Hunter
Born Jan 1 2009
Breed rottweiler/king shepherd
Weight 110 lbs
Raw feeding type PMR
Age started on raw 5 years
Owner Caitlyn
Live kitscoty, alberta, canada

I need your help so I can continue helping you.

A plea for your help!te-6-24-1

I don't like doing this but my love and passion for helping pets are too strong to not ask. I need your help to keep these three one-of-a-kind and very important projects going. Also several have told me: "If you don't ask and share nobody will know. There are many out there that love pets that will support you in your mission to make our pets live longer and reduce the risk of cancer"

  1. The raw feeding project will prove dogs thrive on a carnivore diet. My experience from the first 20 years confirms that I'm on track to fundamentally change how we look at dog food. I just need more time. The goal is to follow 5000 dogs and 2000 cats for 15 more years. The results will produce evidence of amazing health benefits and in many cases a significantly longer lifespan. This will shake the commercial dog food world, and hopefully force the pet food companies to make better food designed for dogs.
  2. The cancer project will prove that the risk for a dog getting cancer is reduced dramatically when fed the right food. The results of feeding dogs the food they are designed for will shatter all current statistics when it comes to cancer incidents in dogs. Raw fed dogs are close to cancer-proof when fed low amounts of carbs and higher amounts of fat and protein.  My study will prove this somewhat incredible statement. 
  3. Natural cancer cure project. I have for many years helped pets suffering from cancer recover and beat it using natural products that cost a fraction of traditional treatments and are in almost every case more effective. I'm building a case file of 200 successful cases, cancer-free for more than 3- 5 years after being beating cancer.

Every day I get several requests from devastated pet owners that need help with their beloved dogs suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, I can't help everyone. I just do not have time. Between work, family and taking care of my pets there is not enough time to help them all. This is very unfortunate and extremely upsetting to me. I lost a dog to cancer and I will never forget the emotional suffering and pain involved in watching my dearest friend losing that battle. I understand what you all are going through and in pains me not being able to help more dogs.

With donations, I can take on less work and dedicate more time to my projects that will eventually help millions of pets. I want to share my findings for cancer prevention and natural cures so more pet owners will see that there are other options. The current statistic of close to 70% of dogs getting cancer is unacceptable to me. I'm on a mission to reduce this dramatically. 

For 20 years I financed this myself and I have plain and simple run out of funds. I had to take on more work and spend less time on what I have dedicated my life to do: Help pets live longer healthier lives.

If you have any suggestion or ideas on how to raise funds for this project please let me know. 

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Long Living Pets Research Foundation, Inc

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Thomas Sanberg, Founder/Researcher
Long Living Pets Research Projects
Research Period 1999-2015